1920 :

  • SEIGNOBOS was created. To begin with the company specialised in boiler making and then in 1980 diversified into tube bending

1961 :

  • ROUX was created. Its speciality was precision sheet metal work and mechanical welding and it was founded in order to respond rapidly to local demand in the Rhône-Alpes region.

1989 :

  • PONCIN was created by M PONCIN – a specialist in industrial metal working.

1993 :

  • EURO CN was founded, grouping together PONCIN and other local metal working specialists in order to provide a one-stop shop for its clients.

2000 :

  • The story of the PONCIN METAL group began with the buy-out of PONCIN by Pascal MORTREUIL, President and General Director of the group. PONCIN developed and quickly became a key player in the French market place as a medium to large scale mass producer.

2004 :

  • ROUX was acquired in order to satisfy the growing demand for the manufacture of prototypes and production on a small scale.

2012 :

  • SEIGNOBOS, with its expertise in tube bending, was incorporated, in order to complete the range of specialisms.

2013 :

  • PONCIN METAL was born.