ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

To Provide You With Excellence

PONCIN METAL excels because: :

  • Our innovation is constant
  • Our quality is second to none
  • We use lean manufacturing techniques
  • We are all involved
  • We support our suppliers

Successfully Working Together

You have, at your disposal, a pre-sales team of engineers and sales people who are there to listen to you and find the best possible solutions to your problems – not always an easy job when you are confronted with the ever changing demands of the manufacturing process. The team is present at each stage of the project, from the design phase to delivery, making sure that all technical specifications and expectations are met. Our long experience and expertise ensure you get the quality you want.

Going Beyond Expectations: QSE Requirements for Improved Performance

Human safety, the safety of the sites and the equipment, the quality of our service and respect for the environment, these all feature high up on our list of priorities. To this end, in1996 the PONCIN METAL group became involved in a QSE initiative which takes into account all the latest economic and environmental issues. We also comply with ISO 9001 – V2008 standards of quality and have done so for more than 17 years and since 2010 we have complied with ISO environmental standards 14001-2004.